11.04.2013 | Deli Gleba and Gil Delindro | YLEM

Exhibition + Live performance

“Ylem” is a continuos project started in 2012. A trans-disciplinary construction that maps the genesis of the conflictual relation between Nature and Man, whole and ego. It focus on organic mutations by opposing two distinct paths – a scientific and documental research, and an unconscious observational route valuing the unknown and imaginary as crucial tools to perceive reality. The direct observation of the natural concerns physical reactions, but also a inner world of fears, egos, space and time, creating a research field which is neither exclusively concrete or imaginary. Ylem is based on the regular practice of long periods of total isolation in Nature, forcing a constant displacement of the contemporary individual. It is divided in several personal essays or ”blind comprehension keys” . With any possible advance or retreat it will always be difficult to discern the real properties that each thing has, and so the project does not bring solutions or truthfulness, but a urgent will to touch and experience nature without fixed dogmas. The eyes only see a tiny part of what the infinite substance is, and the same limitations apply to any advanced technology, medium or science. Ylem assumes a blind quest for liberating cosmos perception, exercising reactions to become more independent and fluid.


“To the eyes of the Man of Imagination, Nature is Imagination itself. ”
- William Blake, in The Letters of William Blake 1906


Gil Delindro (1989 PT) – Multidisciplinary artist working with a dense fusion of medias. Coming from a background of architecture, electroacustic music and independent art production, Delindro has been performing through europe since the age of seventeen, working on open collaborations and performing together with Alto de Pega, SROSH ensemble, Nome and recently in the wide improv echtzeitmusik scene of Berlin. Delindro explores tensions between ego and nature, time, organic mutations and post digital era, by incorporating organic concrete elements into electronic processed soundscapes, installations and film. His work has been presented in a dynamic variety of forms, from solo & group exhibitions to extensive performance tours. He has been in touch with labels such as Sonoscopia, Giant Fern Records, Marvellous Tone, BlindGoat films, audition records, being also a cultural producer in places such as Altes Finamzamt(berlin), Toca aqui(porto), Kukulida E.V(Dresden). Recently collaborated in theatre pieces and numerous films like Raz Mesinai’s Tunnel Vision, released by tzadik records and international festivals like Cluster(Canada). One of the youngest and more active artists coming out from Porto experimental scene.

Deli Gleba (1989 PT) Visual artist and researcher, currently based in Berlin. The work of Deli stands in a fragile bridge that separates two very distinguished worlds – a social one of a chaotic post industrial crisis between beliefs, frustrations and orders, in one hand, and a world of a hypothetical circular balance in nature, in which the direct observation of a pure organism, forms imaginary visions creating new escapes (landscapes) and formulas of research. Influenced by her time in remote locations, Deli’s work has an unique approach to mediums, detailed observation methods, and a bizarre but almost scientific documentation. Deli ha been showing her work both in solo and group exhibitions around Europe, mainly Portugal, Germany, Poland and recently in Canada and USA. Frequently collaborates with Altes Finanzamt (berlin), she is a co-founder member of TOCA (porto) and BlindGoat films.



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