28.03.2014 | SARAH JACOBS | “Ethosphere”

“Jacobs’s new series-in-progress celebrates complication, diversity, and synergy. She creates her artwork painstakingly by hand using the language of patterns.

This series of intricate showy paintings, Ethosphere, speaks of life’s complications, but rather than striving to offer an alternative it glorifies noise, complexity & entanglements. In the visual language of her series patterns representing various paradigms or weltanschauungen smash into other patterns in comic book-style explosions. The patterns often meld together creating new amalgamations, which render the original compositions nearly imperceptible. The visual pleasure produced by these painted interactions is analogous to the beauty of complex societies & thought.”

Sarah Jacobs
Awarded 2013 Arts Council England/National Lottery Artist Grant
Current exhibition – Feb 2014 The Stone Space Gallery, London, UK, Jacobs & Dunham, Complication & Simplicity, curated by the Stone Space board
Review of Jacobs’ art at The Stone Space by Adam Smith for Great Art Ramble, Glorifying Noise Complexity and Entanglements
Review of the Complication/simplicity exhibition Sarah Jacobs & Natalie Dunham at the Stone Space
Upcoming exhibitions
1. March 2014 Galleria U, Wroclaw, Poland, Solo Exhibition, Ethosphere, curated by Dominika Łabądź
2.October 2014, The Control Room, Bristol, UK, Solo Exhibition, Ethosphere, curated by Alice Fruer-Denham & Bristol City Council
3. January 2015, Sub-Basement Artist Studios, Baltimore, 2-Person Exhibition, Title TBD, curated by Jeffrey Kent
4. Sept – Oct 2015, Scott Center Gallery at CCCC, Westminster, Maryland, USA, Jacobs & Jacobs, Expand – Collapse, curated by Margaret Ball
5. Sept 2015, Rice Gallery at McDaniel College, Westminster, Maryland, USA, Solo Exhibition, Ethosphere, curated by Steven Pearson

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