Yves Degoyon

Sevy a.k.a d.R.e.G.S. ( direct Raw experimental Gran Stamina ) is practicing a permanent deconstruction of music al patterns, leading to strange juxtapositions and unknown soundscape, his favorite soundtrack for a movie being ‘The Forbidden Planet’, where the composers, Louis and Bebe Baron, created their own electronic instruments to explore the possibilities of early electronic music. In the same philosophy and at his modest scale, sevy progra mmed his own musical tools in forms of plugins and extensions for Pure Data in order to step out of traditional electronic genres ( dnB, dubstep, … ) and to try to reconciliate electro acoustic music with some rhythm eleme nts and even tribal ceremonies.

He played with various other DIY artists like Evil Moisture ( creating electronic cicuits ), Xname ( video DIY a rtist ) or Marta Paz ( live painting ).

He played in various festivals and places : Sonar ( es ), Piksel ( norway ), Pixelache ( Helsinki ), Cross Club ( praha ), Praha Biennale ( praha ), Echofluxx ( praha ) ….

sound : http://ydegoyon.free.fr/ videos : http://giss.tv/dmmdb/chevil


Ania Kauffman

Sounds, noises and rhythmical patterns are my guides to explore frequences and to find expression within, driven by a fascination for electronic qualities of sounds. The works output in audio installations, live plays and film music. Studies of postindustrial design at Hyperwerk in Basel (CH), organisation of events in the field of audio art, member of the radio collective So21 in Zürich (CH), curating the off space Puppenklinik in Prague. Born in Basel (CH) in 1974, I moved to Czech Republic in 2007 enjoying various collaborations with other artists and musicians. Art is the ultimative medicine, drug and diplomat for me, breaking boundaries and limitations to get access to the higher spirit of the cosmos.https://soundcloud.com/akitayra www.akitay.net

Akita Yra soundcloud.com


Lukáš Jazek and Jagna Dembinska

Inspired by the aesthetic of symbolism, Eastern folklore and its conflict with the West.


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